Even more walking around the neighborhood

One of the things that I noticed as far as culture shock goes, is that in Korea, construction seems to happen anywhere on the street without any cordoning off of areas, orange cones, construction signs, etc. Just walking around the neighborhood I took pics of demolition in a building. Also, I noticed there is a lot of “jerry-rigging” when it comes to getting water and power to different locations. I don’t know how to explain it but they somehow manage to make it work.

Demolition in a building


The streets are really narrow so it’s not uncommon for drivers and pedestrians to be sharing the street. As a pedestrian you’d better watch out both for cars and for delivery drivers or you will get hit!



More jerry-rigging










Soccer field at a school near the house

Mike and I decided to enjoy the sunshine and watch a soccer practice.  It was Sunday and there were a lot of families out. One thing that is really neat about Korea is that there is a playground on nearly every corner and kids as young as 5 or 6 are seen walking or bicycling by themselves.  It feels pretty safe here.

My yogurt and strawberry waffle snack all packaged up

I was curious about the korean-style waffle since every coffee shop sells them.



It tasted good but not like a waffle I’m used to. It tasted more like a sweet dense bread and not like an airy belgian style waffle.

Little dogs in Korea

We had to pick something up at the local market for our Korean mom. We saw this little boy with his tiny poodle in the front. I couldn’t resist taking a picture.  Most Koreans live in small apartments so they choose smaller breeds like this one.


Funny names for candies.

Mike getting "crunky"!


The cool thing about Korea is that pretty much every place delivers here at no extra charge. Amanda ordered from this place and they delivered to the house. There is “yum yum” chicken, mozzarella sticks (which tasted a bit different), pickled radish, and a little coke.

Yum yum chicken











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