Dr. Fish Pedicure

Yes–a pedicure by fish. Amanda took us to Osan yesterday (will follow-up with post later) and said we had to try getting a pedicure with these fish that basically chew at your feet.  They have no teeth but it really really tickles and feels weird.

fish food

Amanda said the fish in the tub at the spa she took us to were really big compared to the other places. One of the fish was about 5 inches. That’s a lot of feet-eating…Lol…So after I got in, Amanda chickened out and said she wouldn’t do it with me. Can you believe it?!

There was a really nice girl there that was encouraging me because it felt super weird having the fish chew at my feet. Eventually though I got used to it and it just felt like a massage.

the fish gather all excited

eating my feet!

Amanda eventually gets in with me…

Amanda getting shy with the fish

My feet felt really soft and smooth afterward. I would say at least try it once, but make sure the fish are smaller. It feels really weird when the big ones come around and start eating you! Lol…

Amanda and me --and the fish


9 thoughts on “Dr. Fish Pedicure

  1. the big ones are better i think!! there’s one in Gangnam and the fish looked just a bit bigger than yours! 😛 My friends and I were squealing LOL

  2. Go Andrea! I am so jealous! I really want to try that when I’m over there and maybe they’ll have it here too, but I bet it will cost a lot more $$. You were brave 🙂

  3. Hahahaha oh my goodness!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen ^-^ but when you think about it, its totally natural, fish clean other animals all the time. What a cool symbiotic relationship to explore lol

  4. hahaha. Your hesitation is super cute!! 😉

    They had a couple places like that here in Washington, but they were shutdown for health reasons that were never really substantiated. I would love to try it though!! Looks like you’ve been having fun there lady! Miss you!!!

  5. Do you have to suspend your feet so they dont touch the bottom? I dunno how you didnt move suddenly or accidently squash any fish. I would’ve been squeamish. Soooo after the “feeding”.. do they massage and then paint your toenails?

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