Corn ice-cream…I know!

So our Korean dad (Mr. Manino) took us around the neighborhood including to the big shopping center (I-Park) where we could really spend hours entertained if we were bored.  We had to pick up something for our Korean mom (Mrs. Manino) at the local market so we stopped in and our Korean dad bought us a treat: ice cream. Mike went for the more traditional vanilla with chocolate coating and I, unable to resist the pull of trying something new, decided to give corn ice cream a try.  It was delicious!!

Corn Ice-Cream package (Mike and Mr. Manino in the background)

I wasn’t sure what I would find when I opened the package.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the corn shaped ice cream cone with buttery yellow ice cream in the middle.

Waffle cone corn husk

Chocolate and corn

When I tasted the ice cream it was a pleasant, not too sweet corn flavor (reminiscent but not exactly like a buttery popcorn jelly belly) ice cream.  It had a light chocolate coating and even pieces of frozen sweet corn. Interesting but I liked it!


3 thoughts on “Corn ice-cream…I know!

  1. ^^ that flavour is awesome I think. It’s interesting on how they could make something like that. I hope they have it in America soon 🙂 so I can also give it a try too!!!

  2. that certainly is interesting! why don’t we have such things in the state. I’d try it! 🙂 i love how the guys are walking ahead of you… oblivious to the fact that you’re taking pics of your dessert! 🙂

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