Myeongdong (shopping area) at night

Our friend, Amanda, took us to the Myeongdong area last night. It was a bustling shopping area with all kinds of goods, mostly food and clothes.  I tried to capture how huge and busy the area is.  It felt like we were in a maze with so many shops and so many people!


Snapshot of Myeongdong

Where’s Mike? We were trying to take a pic together (I’m completely blocked) but there were too many people.

Mike and Dre pic Take 2. It was freezing cold!!

Yes! Believe it!

Garfield and me

Street Food

Everywhere we went there were coffee shops and different street vendors.  It all looked good.

This vendor made fresh hand cut potato chips on a stick and some other goodies…

Street VendorMore street food deliciousness

That’s chicken on the left and rice cake on the right. There is usually a spicy sauce that goes on both.

Amanda and Mike

Street food

I was amazed at the variety of street foods. There were always people in line for these…they must be good! I didn’t try any because I was saving room for something sweet 😉

More street food

When we first walked to Myeongdong we had to go underground through some other shops to get across the street. The smell of these tasty delights were too tempting to resist. Here is a really quick video of the manjoo stand.  It was super crowded so getting a good pic was too difficult.


We ended up getting a bag before we left. They’re like pancakes filled with custard.

Custard filled pancake-like things

Custard filled


5 thoughts on “Myeongdong (shopping area) at night

  1. The manjoo snacks are the best thing ever invented! I love the custard inside~^^
    You have to try the ones that look like walnuts. It’s usually filled with bean paste and a walnut. 🙂

    The potato snacks are good! I’ve had those. Also try the pancake (i can’t remember the name). Usually filled with cinnamon!

  2. Yay 🙂 I love those custard-filled pancakes. I ate them before and fell in love with that food. I think it’s Korean style though I got mine from a Chinese shop ^^ So many people and great street foods!!! I want to go to Korea too!!!

  3. Seriously! All these amazing pictures are making me incredibly hungry lol

    I love the Believe It, It’s Skin ad too ❤

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