Just walking around the neighborhood

Mike and I are staying with our good friends’ parents in the Dongbu ichon dong neighborhood which is a short distance from the military base. I woke up at 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep, possibly due to jet lag. I could not wait to get out and explore. Mike on the other hand was still very tired from the trip over here. We didn’t head out to explore until the afternoon.  Here’s what we saw:

Pizza joints: Korean style

Korean pizza tastes different from what I’m told; it’s a little sweeter and it has different toppings as shown below. Shrimp pizza and-yes-that’s sweet potato stuffed crust!  Tomatoes are really treated like a fruit in Korea. One of our friends even said he ordered ice cream and it came with cherry tomatoes.  Hmmm…

Korean style pizza

Korean style pizza

sweet potato.
No, that’s not cheese stuffed pizza crust

That’s a sushi shop window; all the sushi is made out of plastic so you can see EXACTLY what they have.

sushi window

sushi window


street view

A few other tasty treats with memorable names

How about some ‘Omelet Oh My God’? Anyone?


Yes, it really is called that!

-OR- ‘Nicely Prepared’ Eggs Benedict? As opposed to ‘crappily prepared’ I guess…Lol…

eggs benedict

Nicely prepared--just for you!


Mid-afternoon snack at Pasgucci Cafe


It was a hard choice...calories posted on everything!


Caramel Macchiato and Cheesecake

more pics of us
I know where I’m eating breakfast tomorrow…the yummy bakery called Paris Croissant. The aroma was intoxicating!!


As opposed to breadstick 😉

Paris Croissant

Paris Croissant - Bakery Cafe

more bakery

Paris Croissant



Well, that was all for today. We came home, had some spicy seafood noodles delivered in for lunch and may or may not explore some more…Enjoy!!


4 thoughts on “Just walking around the neighborhood

  1. Wow! You are actually in Korea!!!! Coming from Flagstaff, don’t you feel a bit like a yokel?? I know I did!

    The last day of our trip, we discovered a grocery store in the bottom (basement) floor of the huge Hyundai Department store. It was on on the green subway line, close to the Hongkik (?) university.

    Love the posts!


    • Hi Kathrin! It has been such a whirlwind! We’ve done so much in such a short time…I don’t know how I will possibly process it all. Thankfully I have some time. I know what you mean about feeling like a yokel..

  2. hahaha Stick Bread ^-^ hooray for the joys of translation. I have to say, my stomach is very jealous of yours and Mike’s stomachs right now. That cheesecake looks so tasty!

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